Our organisation

Our organisation

In a world where consumer needs are constantly changing, the head office and retail teams at Princesse Tam.Tam collaborate together in order to provide the best in customer service.

Careers in Retail

Area Managers

Area Managers manage over 10 stores across a given region. The Area Manager must have the ability to review Store Manager strategy and add value, based on their high level of expertise and experience in the Retail sector.

Store Managers & Store Staff

Store Managers manage several members of staff and devise sales strategy in order to maximize customer satisfaction in stores. Sales staff also provide high quality customer service to our customers by collaborating with the Store Manager and head office.

Careers at Head office


The Merchandising department determines the right products to be sold in the right place, at the right time and in the right amounts so as to maximize sales & profits and customer satisfaction. The Merchandising team has the extremely challenging role of leading the sales process from the initial development of the product, through to the final sale of the product and takes responsibility for the end sales and results.

Marketing & PR

The Marketing team has a perfect understanding of our customer base and keeps customers up-to-date on our brand, products & values via traditional marketing channels and new technology in line with a carefully thought-out communications strategy. The Marketing department includes a Marketing team, a PR team and a CRM (loyalty programme) team who collaborate closely together.


The design department designs and creates our products. Each designer carries out research and makes sketches and swatches to create the collection, find the perfect fit and the right finishes. Our team works as one team to ensure the coherence and the identity of Princesse tam.tam.

Store Development

Our Store Development team searches for the best locations to open new stores, which our in-house architects then design. The team analyzes cities, negotiates leases, designs and opens modern stores all around the world. The department also provides maintenance services to all our stores in Europe with a very dynamic team fully available to respond to the needs of our stores.

Finance & Accounting

The Finance department comprises a finance planning team, an accounting team and a treasury team. In order to achieve the company's financial targets, the teams envisage different financial scenarios, analyze the financial impacts of these and then create future financial statements. For retail, monthly reports are provided to all stores and feedback is given from a financial point of view.

Human Resources & training (FRMIC)

Our HR mission is to strengthen our organization & our employees, by helping to develop the business leaders of tomorrow. In order to do this, HR look out for highly talented individuals and seek to provide strong career and training opportunities. We also have a team of HR Business Partners, dedicated to our stores, so we provide optimum support to employees at both head office and on the field.