Being part of Princesse tam.tam also means having the opportunity to develop your skills according to your desires and the needs of the business.

The types of training we can offer you are:

  1. Induction program
    If you join Princesse tam.tam, you will carry out an intensive two week store induction program in one of our many School Stores. On this program, we will introduce you to our company philosophy and values, product and collection information, company customer service standards, and go through every operational process needed to work in store.
  2. Skills training
    We provide the core skills needed to deliver a unique shopping experience to customers and to manage a store. These programs include Sales Strategy training, Product training, Visual Merchandising training, Inventory training and Team Management training. In addition to these programs, we also provide other classroom or digital courses to continuously develop operational, as well as soft skills.
  3. Philosophy training
    One key pillar is to ensure all our employees understand and embody the company philosophy and values, as true Ambassadors. This is very connected with the Fast Retailing Group philosophy.
  4. Direct communication with top management
    Throughout the year, we provide several opportunities to exchange your opinions with CEO/COO directly for all employees. The topic in this session is very wide and free as you want; ex. an issue you’re facing on in your business, a solution you consider and your own career aspiration and development. Through these enriching interactions, you can understand the company and management point of view then you can sharpen your aspiration in your business life.



My Learning Application, Digital Learning Platform

  • My Learning Application (MLA) is our online training tool. MLA is available to all stores and head office employees around the world. Its navigation style reproduces social media standards, and the multi-device application is currently available in 5 languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, that as a user, you can customize to your preferences.
  • Currently, we have over 50 programs on MLA that will help you develop your operational skills from sale’s assistant through to Store Manager, which are available in all 5 languages: monthly Product Training for each brand, Sales Techniques, Recruitment, Stock Management, Career Path, HR&Payroll processes. Our training team is continuously developing new content with the support of business experts to meet your development needs.